Residual Income Formula

Residual Income Formula

Residual Income Formula -3 Steps To Home Business Success

If you are checking out residual income opportunities there are a few things you need to know about the Residual Income Formula if you want to be successful with it.

Let me start by saying that the definition for success is personal.

For one person it can mean being able to make ends meet and just pay the bills. For another it is being able to work from home , generate the income that’s needed and being able to spend time with the kids. And for somebody else it could mean being able to travel the work and live the life style of the rich and famous.

Whatever your defintion of succes is , it all starts with  having the right formula for your success.

When you follow the steps below you’ll have a residual income formula that will allow you to generate the income  that you are looking for.

The Right Plan And The Right Approach

Now this might sound obvious, but most people who are looking on-line for a home based business opportunity only look at the compensation plan attached to that specific  networking opportunity. Residual Income Formula

When they see a few testimonials of people who made tens of thousands of dollars a month, they immediately jump in, because the compensation plan says; “you only need to find 3 people who find 3 people …..”
“It’s really simple, all you have to do is make a list of your friends and family, show them the plan and you are on your way to riches”

Yeah right!!!  if you’ve been around the block just like me, you know that that ain’t true. There’s more to building a successful  business then just finding 3 people who find 3 people.

If it was that simple we’d all be rich right! And the Network Marketing Industry wouldn’t have a 97% failure rate.

What I mean with the right plan is that you have to have a business plan that allows you to get paid immediately for the effort you put in, something that creates residual income from the start, without having to go through all kinds of qualifications that  for most people who are just getting started are almost impossible to obtain.

Look, if you are anything like me,  you are willing to learn, you are willing to work and put forth the the effort necessary, but you also want to get paid for the effort you put in and for the skills you have.
I speak with dozens of people on a daily bases that follow the exact plan their specific company has laid out for them, people who invest every single minute they can, people who really work hard, and when it comes down to dollars and cents are making maybe $200-$300 a month. They are frustrated and have no idea what they are doing “wrong”. And believe me they aren’t doing anything wrong. they are just following the wrong plan and using the wrong approach.

You Must Have A Mentor Who Shows You Exactly,

And Step By Step What To Do And How To Do It.

If you want to make money  in your business ( no matter the amount) you need to have somebody standing behind you who teaches you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.
Building an online income requires a skillset, there are things you need to learn.

So many people start with an online opportunity , are promissed the world and end up with nothing. Not because they aren’t willing to work, or aren’t smart enough, but simply because they have nobody to fall back on, or nobody who is showing them exactly what steps to take in what order.

We all want to make a lot of money, but you have to have somebody standing besides you who’s actually capable of generating that kind of money themselves. Generating $10.000 or more a month in Residual Income isn’t all that difficult, but it starts with your first $100 a month.

If you aren’t proficient in Internet marketing, –and most people aren’t, do the smart thing and seek out an marketing mentor to help you.
This can be a huge financial advantage for you, because 90 percent of  individuals coming online don’t have a clue what their doing.
And instead of doing the smart thing and seeking out an expert for help, they’ll just struggle along trying this and that and losing money, until they’re finally forced out of business.

You Must Have Relentless Desire And Determination

DeterminationIn order to succeed and create the residual income you are looking for you must be really determined to make it happen.

The truth is, you’ll have good days, but you will also have bad days or weeks where everything seems to go wrong. It’s just the way life and building a business works.

It’s also true that 80% of the people who get started building their residual income throw in the towel with the first set back they have.

So you have to have a big reason why you want this to work. And It can’t just be having a beautiful car or home. It has to go deeper then that.

Why do you want that car, or home. What is that giving you. Is it Freedom, Is it Status??
So what is it you really want? The freedom to spend time with your loved ones? The freedom to go on vacation to places you’ve never been before?

Making sure you have money in the bank for when the kids go to University? Making sure you can afford a nice lifestyle once you are 65, or maybe even sooner.

Once you know your BIG reason why, you’ll be able to hang in there when things aren’t going all that smooth, and you bump into some hurdles.

“Any success you achieve will be in direct proportion to your desire and determination. The more desire and determination you have, the greater will be your success!”

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